Connecting To Your Teenager Through Video Games


Remember when you beat your roommate on that hallmary while play NCAA football or that time that someone blasted you with a missile from across the board while playing Halo in graduate school?  If you have ever played video games you’ve had moments of excitement followed by wanting to throw the controller at the TV screen (but we know your to mature to do that).

The same can be said of most teenagers today.  The difference is that its no longer beating Mario World or dominating in Duckhunt on the Nintendo.  Now their are new gaming systems that remind you of how far back RBI Baseball was.

What has not changed though is the chance you have to make memories with your gamer child or teen.  We want to educate you and encourage you to take advantage of this love in your kids life.  Just like everything their needs to be boundaries but video games offer you a great chance to bond with you son or daughter.  Here is an ebook that we hope will help you:

  • Talk about the games your teenager is playing
  • Learn to play with him/her through “starter” games
  • Find videos and stream to watch with him/her
  • Evaluate the content of games
  • Buy a game for him/her with confidence

We have also included a contract that you can make with your gamer if you feel the need to.  Click on the links to view and download the guides.


Video Game Contract

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