A Baby’s Birth: Right Of Passage

Bringing a newborn home can be exciting and stressful all at the same time!  You get to experience the joy of being a new parent while at the same time asking “what am I suppose to do now?”  You may have read every book their is on babies and parenting babies but now it has set in.  You have a real life baby in the house!

This first Rte Of Passage is designed to help you set a routine and rhythm with your baby in a way that involves weaving God into everything you do.

Baby Kickstarter

This baby kickstarter guide will help you gain a better understanding of this Rite Of Passage and help you understand the biblical background of why we think this Rite Of Passage is important.

Baby Developmental Guide

This development guide will help you better understand how your baby is and will develop.  This is a great resource for understanding what is happening in your new baby as he or she begins to grow.

Baby ParentGuide

This parent guide will help you implement this Rite Of Passage.

Baby Resource_List

This resource list will provide you a list of books, scriptures and other resources that are great for your new baby.

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