Rite Of Passage: The First Birthday

You’ve survived the first year!  Congratulations!  As you plan for your child’s first birthday party we have a great resource for you that can be a blessing to both your one year old and to you for many years.

This Rite of Passage helps parents throw the best 1st year birthday party for their child where they’ll share with friends and family a written “Birthday Blessing”.  This “Birthday Blessing” will be a treasure that helps the Parents outline their prayers and dreams for their child.


First Birthday Blessing

This First Birthday Blessing kickstarter guide will help you gain a better understanding of this Rite Of Passage and help you understand the biblical background of why we think this Rite Of Passage is important.

First Birthday Blessing Parent Guide

This parent guide will help you implement this Rite Of Passage.

First Birthday Developmental Guide

This guide will help you understand how your child is developing at their first birthday

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