Rite Of Passage: 10th Grade

Handling money can be a difficult thing to do! Don’t believe that?  Do a google search on bankruptcy filings by former professional athletes and lottery winners!  When we are given money we have to make a choice.  Are we going to control our money or is our money going to control us? Our church believes in this question so much that we regularly offer Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace money classes and every few years we take our 11th and 12th graders through the student version of his adult material.

Our example in money matters really does count! Our teens will imitate what we do with money more than what we say about it. One of the best examples for your teen in regards to money is for you and your spouse to work hard at being on the same page financially. If you disagree about a money matter, work out your differences before you discuss the issue in front of your teen.It is beneficial to share with your teen where you have struggled with money matters and what you have learned from those struggles.

10th Grade Kickstart

This guide will explain why we feel that this is an important right of passage that you need to walk through with your teenager.

10th Parent Guide

This will help you lead your son or daughter through this passage.

10th Resource Guide

Household Budget

10th Resource Optional Activities

10th Development Guide

This helpful guide will help you understand where your 10th grader is from a development standpoint.

8 Biblical Money Principals

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