Rite Of Passage: 11th Grade

When we think of a family tree, we think about all the different branches of people and stories that we can trace. But what if we help our teens think of their family tree as the fruit of an unseen root system? It’s a tricky picture to paint, because every generation is a branch off of another generation. But every generation also has the potential to put down deep, enduring roots for the next generation. The whole idea is to be able to see where our family is rooted and to recognize when and if we need to be replanted in healthier relationships with each other. See if these ideas can help you communicate and work out a family story that is growing toward God’s best for all of you.

God calls us to be deeply rooted in Him and with each other.


11th Kickstart Guide

This guide will explain why we think this is an important Rite Of Passage to walk through with your teenager.

11th Parent guide

This guide will help lead you through this Rite Of Passage.

family Tree

11th Resource Guide

Interview Questions

11th Development Guide

This guide will give you an overview of where your 11th graders is developmentally.

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