Rite Of Passage: 3rd Grade

In talking with parents of 3rd graders, the constant theme of conversations was “life is just too busy right now.” 3rd graders have begun to understand their talents and have jumped in full force to after school activities. Juggling school, ballet, soccer, piano, homework, chores, friends, church and family time is hard! This is the year to help children discover how to find rhythm in life and responsibilities.

3rd Grade Kickstarter

This will give you the background of why we believe this is important for you to take part in with your family and the biblical principals of the resource.

3rd Grade Parents Guide

This will explain how you will complete this Rite Of Passage with your child.

3rd Grade Activity 1

3rd Grade Activity 2


3rd Grade Development Guide

This document will help you gain an understanding of where your child is developmentally

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