Rite Of Passage: 7th Grade

Wow!  You have a new teenager in the house and things are changing fast in their lives! For many families, the thirteenth birthday involves a celebration and a few joking remarks about becoming a teenager, and that’s about it. What a wasted opportunity. Instead, this occasion can be used to educate and inspire the new teenager, the family, and friends to make the most of the years ahead. It’s a wonderful opportunity to say to your teenager, “I’m no longer going to view you as a child; I’m no longer going to treat you like a child. It’s now time to begin a new part of our relationship where we begin giving you permission and opportunity to operate like a young adult.”


7th Grade Kickstart

This guide will give you a overview of why we think this Rite Of Passage is important from a spiritual perspective.

7th Parent Guide

This guide will help you implement this Rite Of Passage.

7th Grade Blessing Worksheet

7th Grade Development

What to know whats happening in your 7th grader developmentally?  Here is an overview for you.

7th Resource Guide


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