Rite Of Passage: 8th Grade

The sex talk.  Its one that parents everywhere dread having to have.  Its awkward, it brings up bad memories of having your parents have it with you and the “birds and bees”  does nothing to make it easier.  The truth is though, that if you wait until 8th grade you have waited about 3 years too long.  This resource needs to be used in part of the conversation that you have with your teen about sexual purity and Gods design for sex.  Hear us out, the “talk” must happen before now or you will not need to explain sex to your child, they will be able explain it to you from every thing they have heard about sex at school.  

This resource is designed to help you have a continuing conversation about sex with your teen and create a special and memorable time of commitment with them.

8th Grade Kickstarter

This guide will give you an understanding of why we think this Right Of Passage is important.

8th Grade Parent guide

This guide will explain how you are to lead your teenager through this passage.

8th Grade Resource

8th Grade Resource, Q & A

8th Grade Development

Want to know where your 8th grader is developmentally? Here is an overview for you!

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