Rite of Passage: 9th Grade

Teens get more verbal jabs about being first-time drivers than they do on just about any other adolescent milestone. This Rite Of Passage is your opportunity to pour your confidence into them and give them wisdom to succeed as a driver.  Driving is a huge step to becoming an adult for teenagers in todays world, but is one that can lead down a very dangerous road if not careful.  Teenagers need to understand that driving is not a right, but a privilege that must be earned.  This resource is designed to help you set the expectations that you have for your son or daughter when they get behind the wheel of a car.



9th Grade Kickstart

This document will explain why we fell this Rite Of Passage is important for you to complete with your teenager.

9th Grade Parent Guide

This guide will help you lead your teen through this Rite Of Passage.

9th Grade Driving Contract

Car Maintenance Check sheet

9th Grade Resource

9th Grade Development Guide

Here is an overview of where your teenager is developmentally.

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