Rite Of Passage: Kindergarten & Generosity

They are beginning the phase of independence. Whether your child is at half-day or all-day kindergarten or is home schooled, they are going to be spending some amount of time away from you for the first time. This can be both scary and exciting for parents. But rest assured — your child is ready for this change. Here are some of the developmental changes they are experiencing right now.

Kindergarten Kickstarter

this guide will give you an overview of what the Rite Of Passage is all about.

Kindergarten Kickstarter Activity 1

Kindergarten Kickstarter Activity 2

Service Project Planning Guide

This will give you action steps on how to plan a service project for your child.

Service Project Ideas

Here is a list of service project ideas that you and your kindergartener can do together.

Kindergarten Development Guide

This document will give you an overview of the developmental progress of your kindergartner.

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