Rites Of Passage: Big Kid Bed

It’s that time!  Its time to give up the crib and transition to your toddler to a big kid bed.  Moving from the crib to a big kid bed is a big step. This Rites of Passage will guide you through a big kid bed ceremony where you will write a verse/prayer on the big kid bed and friends/family gather to read scripture/pray over the bed.  This can be a proud moment for your toddler and is a big deal to mom and dad as well.


Big Kid Bed Kickstarter

This guide will give you an overview of why we think this Rite Of Passage is important and how to make it special.

Big Kid Bed Parent Guide

This short document will help you implement this Rite Of Passage.

Year 3 Developmental Guide

This overview will help you understand where your three year old is from a developmental standpoint.


One other resource that may be good for you is our Monsters Under The Bed Resource.

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