Dealing With Sibling Rivalry

Quarreling kids

Have you ever heard that silence can be loud?  It’s that very loud, very obvious absence of sound after your teenager has just had another argument with their sibling and stomped off in the other direction.  Does it ever stop?  Do they really love each other?

We will be discussing sibling rivalry this month and what you, as the parent, can do to foster relationship between your teen and their sibling(s).  The picture above is of small children but is two teenagers fighting really any different from the the image above?

Please take a moment and watch this 3 minute and  47 second video that may help give you some idea as to what is going on in their heads.

After Watching The Video:

This isn’t an easy issue by a stretch.  We are dealing with unique individuals with specific ideas that haven’t learned yet that the idea they are holding so tightly to very possibly could be flawed.  This might actually come as a surprise to your teen.  Teenagers react very passionately to perceived injustices.

It reminds me of Luke 9 when Jesus was speaking to His disciples after His transfiguration.  It should have been one of the most spiritually encouraging events for his disciples but somehow it ended up in an argument about who had more importance to Jesus among the Twelve.  Sibling rivalry.  All Jesus had to say was, “Whoever is least among you, this one is the greatest.”

We have to teach our teens that it’s about others.  But first our actions will be much louder than our words!