How To Stay Out Of Your Teens Drama


I have a hard time realizing and remembering that so many of the Bible characters we study were once very real people. And sometimes they dealt with some of the very same things we deal with today! I have found it very interesting to study how these people parented during Bible times. Now, I realize that it was different back then, but so many insecurities and questions were the same for them as they are for us today!

One of the Biblical characters that I have the hardest time not setting on a pedestal was Mary, the mother of Jesus! How can I not characterize her as the most perfect mom ever. But that would be so unfair to her. She was just a person, and a very young woman when she started the journey of motherhood.

One of my biggest questions I have about her was how did she handle all of the drama that surrounded her son? Did she constantly defend Him? Did she teach Him how to handle conflict or did she insert herself into everything until He was grown and gone? What kind of mother was Mary when it came to the drama in her Son’s life?

Drama in our teens lives can be a very real monster! And if we aren’t careful, we can react to it in a way that doesn’t help our teenagers at all. Instead of reacting to the drama asking yourself how can we use this situation to grow our teens could be a major help in the maturing process they go through.

The next time there is drama in your teens life ask yourself questions such as these.  “Could this be a way to teach our teenagers how to handle difficult situations in a wise manner?” or “Could it be a way to show our teens that we trust them to make the tough decisions without getting involved?”

Do not be afraid to advise them in how they should respond but be careful to not add to the drama.  Instead help them navigate it and figure out how to live a life that is mostly free of drama.

Let drama be a tool that can draw you and your teen together because you are a team just like Mary and Jesus were. You may not always do it right, but God picked you to parent your teen just as He picked Mary to parent His son!

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After Watching The Video:

The definition for drama is a situation or sequence of events that is highly emotional, tragic, or turbulent. Ok, I think that encompasses most of the teenage years! Really! What part isn’t emotional or turbulent or, in their eyes, even tragic? Just about everything is!

That’s why we can’t avoid dealing with the drama! It’s very much a part of our teenagers daily lives. But there are varying degrees of drama. You have the friend drama, boy/girl drama, school drama, weight drama, acne drama, hair drama… need I go on? You get the point. But then you have drama that really can affect your teenager in a drastic way from the death of a friend to abuse to the breakup of a family! You see, the way they view drama is completely different than our perspective. And it’s our job as their parent, to help them learn how to view drama, how to handle drama, and even how to step away from drama when possible!

Our job is to teach our teens how to discern the truth of a matter. And for them to learn that discernment, sometimes we have to let them handle it themselves without our interference which can be difficult. If we are always interfering how will they ever learn to
do it for themselves.

Talk to your teenager about what they think defines drama in their life and how they think they should handle it. You might be surprised at how discerning your teen already is!

Walking with you,