Fun Ways To Study Scripture With Your Child

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Raising our children to pursue a personal relationship with God is something every Christian parent wants, but statistics show that only five percent of teens study the Bible on their own on a daily basis and over half of teens say they read or study their Bible away from church.

I don’t think I need to tell you that these numbers are not very encouraging. But I’m also happy to tell you that YOU can influence your children to be one of the five percent who study their Bible every day. How? By getting creative, that’s how!
It will give you a good start towards making positive changes in your home in this area. I hope you find this lesson helpful. You are always welcome to email me with any prayer requests your family may have.

After Watching The Video:

Just like we cannot expect our children to be proficient in math or English without sufficient instruction and practice, we cannot expect our children to know the Bible without sufficient exposure (reading and teaching).

Another valuable truth is that with so many things competing for their time and attention we need to make learning scripture both interesting and fun. To do this, try any one of the following:

Let family members take turns selecting a household item that represents a Bible story. Family members have to guess what story it is, then the person whose item it is tells the story.

While sitting around the dinner table, one person starts telling a Bible story then says, “Pass to (someone’s name). They have to finish the story.

Divide your family into two teams and draw Bible stories. The first team to win three rounds wins.

Have an old-fashioned Sword drill: Everyone holds their Bible in their laps (closed). The MC calls out a scripture reference (example: Hebrews 13:7). The first person to find it stands up and reads the verse.

WARNING: You and your family will enjoy time spent together learning God’s Word.

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